Line Editing

Line editing is a step up from copy editing, and includes a complete copy edit. In this review process, I consider each line and paragraph of the manuscript and offer corrections and suggestions to improve your writing. In a line edit, I address wordiness, redundancy, overuse of modifiers, verb choices, and sentence and paragraph structure. I’ll note and query you about any inconsistencies I find: for example, if character Mary has blonde hair in Chapter One and red hair in Chapter Nine—and she hasn’t been to the hairdresser in between. I’m also good at catching misplaced paragraphs or glitches in the story timeline. Though not as comprehensive as a developmental edit, this service will substantially improve and streamline your writing as well as guaranteeing it will be free of mechanical errors. 


Recent copy/line editing projects:


The Rise of the King, by Shanae Branham (Spring/Summer 2021, ongoing)

Break the Habit! A Step-by-Step Guide to Permanent Weight Loss and a Healthier You, by Mika Fleck (Winter/Spring 2020)

The Broken Turquoise Laundry Basket, by Marjorie Link (Summer 2018)

Annabeth's Journey, by Jason Black (Summer 2018)

Twenty Days of Rain, by Jason Black (Summer 2017)

Nowhere Home, by Joe Beernink (Summer 2017)

Fowl Holiday, by Cheri Hooper (Summer 2015)

Boston's Quest, by Shanae Branham (Spring 2015)

DiSemblance, by Shanae Branham (Spring 2015)

“The Sad Circus,” (short story), by Elias Blanco (July 2014)

Blackpelt, by Jason Black (Elder Road Books, 2014)

In Other Worlds, (memoir) by John D. Wilson (Westbow Press, 2014)

Madison Morgan: It’s Not JUST a Dog!, by Pam Torres (Spring 2014)

Improving the Corporate Office: Why Executives, Managers and Employees Should Use Office Productivity Skills Training (Corporate Office Series – Book One), Ronald Thomas (March 2014) 

Winterkill, by P. H. Turner (May 2013)  

Pebblehoof, by Jason Black (October 2012)

Madison Morgan: When Dogs Blog, by Pam Torres (July 2012)

“Anne Crawford generously provided much-needed editing for my first novel, Winterkill. Her thorough line editing and objective comments made Winterkill a better read and me a better writer. Great professional!”



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